5 Minute Candied Jalapeno Hors D’oeuvre

Posted by Megan Sones on

Our hives are all a buzz for the holidays!

With company popping in and out it’s a great idea to have a quick and easy hors d’oeurvre on hand. This is one of our favorites at Busy Bee and can be prepared in under 5 mins, perfect for those unexpected house guests!



  • 1 jar of candied jalapenos
  • 1 box of cream cheese (we used the low fat variety)
  • 1 package of crackers



You will want to be sure to choose a bowl or serving dish that has sides as the jalapenos sitting in a juice. Starting off you will want to get the cream cheese spread liberally in the bottom of your dish.

Once you have the cream cheese ready to go the next step is to add the jalapenos. You will want to be cautious not to have all of the juice pour into your container and may even want to use a spoon to spread them out.

 You may also want to chop the jalapenos into smaller pieces to be sure everyone gets a perfect bite.

Preparing this dish for company is as simple as opening a jar! So dig in, enjoy, and have a bee-utiful holiday!



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