Bee Bit Marshmallow Bites!

Posted by Megan Sones on

These are an ooey gooey easy party pleaser just when you thought Bee Bits couldn't get any better!   



    • One bag of Bee Bits
    • One stick of butter
    • One bag of mini marshmallows


    • In a large pot on the stovetop combine marshmallows and butter.
    • Turn burner to medium heat and continuously stir the marshmallows and butter as they melt together to become a sauce.

    • Once the mixture is completely melted add in the Bee Bits.
    • Next be sure to have a pan lined with wax paper and sprayed with butter spray so the clusters wont stick ready.                                                       

    • Wait for the bites to cool into clusters (or they are bee-licious warm and gooey too) and enjoy!



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