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INTEGRITY LONG BOARD,Yellow Birch & Walnut, Made in Vermont measures 20" x 6" x 3/4" (Ship Weight 3lbs) It is fun to see customers look and handle the Long Board. Watching closely you can see the visions of a long baguette of French Bread or an obliquely sliced sausage or a selection of canapes come in to their minds eye. A board which serves tasks ranging from the cutting of celery and cucumber to the realization of those first visions.

INITIAL FONTS: All letters are engraved in the order you enter them, as you enter them (lowercase/uppercase). One line.

CLASSIC MONOGRAM: All letters are engraved in the order you enter them. Right and Left letters are smaller sized Center letter is largest.

NAME or PHRASE: All letters are engraved as you enter them (uppercase/lowercase). You have up to 12 characters per line and up to 3 lines of text.



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